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JCreator 4.5 a development tool (IDE) for Java, for any programmer
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JCreator 4.5 a development tool (IDE) for Java. It brings the programmers of any level features like Project Management, Project Templates, Code Completion, Debubber Interface and an Editor with Syntax Highlighting. It also has some wizards. The User Interface is highly customizable. JCreator will allow you to compile or run your Java program. The tool will find the desired file using the main method, or the HTML file with the Java applet, and then will start it.

In order to use JCreator you will need to have any version of the Java Development Kit (JDK) already installed in your system. If you don´t have JDK, or if it´s not configured, the program will assist you to download, install and setup the latest version of this kit. You will be able to start your projects from the scratch or using an already created template. You can set up the directories with the source and output paths. Once you have written your program, you can run it. JCreator will then show you the results of the that program's execution and the possible errors that your program had.

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